Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Your Explainer Videos

Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Your Explainer Videos

Digitalization has greatly impacted the way businesses are run. Marketing models are changing. For example, the traditional marketing models such as radio, TV, and billboards are slowly losing their popularity. Business owners and marketers are now embracing digital marketing models, such as social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing and more. Of all the digital marketing models out there, video marketing reigns supreme. It’s the most preferred marketing model because it includes elements, such as punchy script, animations, voiceover and music that make it exhilarating engaging and keeps viewers glued to it to the very end.

However, what makes videos pop as a marketing tool is the background music that injects a feeling of excitement and comfort. And apart from helping the message sink in, music will motivate viewers to watch the video over and over. Therefore, you should take the tips for choosing the right music for your explainer videos below seriously.

Choosing the right tone for your explainer videos is crucial

While most business owners give more attention to finding the right song for their explainer videos, the tone is equally important. The tone you choose should align with your brand and culture, and this will be dictated by the kinds of instruments used to create the music. Also, you must know various music patterns to be able to choose the right tone. If you don’t, find a professional to do it for you.

Decide between lyrical or instrumental music for your explainer videos

The kind of explainer video you make will dictate whether you need a lyrical or instrumental music. If your explainer videos focus on dialogue and narration, it’s a good idea to choose instrumental music. On the other hand, if your explainer videos are texts and animation based, lyrical music would suffice.

Stay away from popular music themes for your explainer videos

Using a popular music theme for your business explainer videos does not mean people will love them. Chances are that your target market has listened to it over and over that it has lost taste. So using it for your explainer videos won’t do you any favors. Look for unique music that they haven’t heard.

Don’t use copyrighted music for your explainer videos

This might get your video pulled down by search engines because of copyright violation. Find music on royalty free music websites, such as YouTube Audio Library, Free Stock Music, and Epidemic Sound.


There are many other tips you can leverage to find the right music for your explainer videos, such as committing your music track instantly, using loops, and using intro and outro music. Follow these tips, and you will make extraordinary explainer videos, while avoiding copyright infringement.