The Pros Of Creating Custom Explainer Videos

A key factor related to your explainer video success is customizing it! Read this article and discover the pros of creating custom explainer videos!

So, you are planning on creating an explainer video for your company? That’s great! It is a step towards the right direction, especially if you are looking for a way to attract new customers, gather new buyers, grab attention, present a new product, increase conversions, improve sales, and etc. Yes, you can achieve a lot with a well-done and high-quality explainer video. A key factor related to your explainer video success is customizing it.

We know that creating a customized explainer video is a lot cheaper when compared to a video created with a free explainer video software or a template, however, we can ensure you that it is all going to worth it. Consider this as a smart investment in your business. will help us understand how to make crating custom explainer videos for your company.

In this article, we are going to present you the benefits of creating a fully customized explainer video:

Appealing to your audience – Template animated videos can be great and pretty helpful if you are on a limited budget or time. It is probably one of the best solutions in such cases, however, the thing about the templates and the template characters is that even if you have a wide selection of characters to choose from, they look generic. In other words, the same characters are used by other businesses as well, over and over again to meet the needs of different brands, organizations, and messages. Customized animated videos, on the other side, have their own graphic design, as well as, animation elements, meaning your characters will look and behave uniquely, just like your target group of people. Once your target group sees the video, they will instantly relate to your business and feel inspired to purchase your products.

Better quality, better resolution, better results – It is proven that engagement rates are greater on customized explainer videos as the animation is better and much livelier. The characters in the video are constantly active, their actions and movements flow, and all of this helps to keep the viewers entertained. You need to keep in mind that a bad quality video can provoke distraction and discomfort, which means the viewers will probably leave and quit watching the video. You surely don’t want this for your video nor for your business.

Increased brand awareness – By using a fully customized explainer video you can expect increased brand awareness. This is a great opportunity for you to build a powerful brand. The best thing is that all of your viewers will be exposed to the brand image, meaning that even if they don’t watch the video till the end, it will look and feel like yours. It is really important to be consistent. It is recommendable to match the style of the video to the one on your social media profiles, your website, your blog, and your overall brand presence aesthetically.

The video is your business’s spokesman – Custom explainer videos are perfect for conveying trust for your brand. Even though the production process takes longer, it will offer you all the possibilities you need to share the message across the right target group and showcase all of that personality which differentiates your business from others.
As we said before, investing in custom explainer videos is really a smart move and can help you take your business and brand to the next level. If you have the budget, if you have the team, don’t wait any longer, take an action now, and create your fully customized explainer video.